Who We Are & What We Do

TEBB is an acronym for - Travel, Education, Business & Billionaires Club

TEBB Club is a community that will help you flourish across every aspect of your life. Take your financial, health and spiritual life to a whole new level.

By becoming a part of our community you are able collaborate and grow your business, exchange value and knowledge through education and explore the world through affordable travel and tour packages.

The Why & Purpose of TEBB Club

Fact: Over 70% of Christian worshippers in Nigeria live below the poverty level, which is the same narrative with Christian populations all over the world. This is unacceptable, unGodly, & needs to be changed.

Our Mission

To be the best of me... living my best and Amazing life with with other amazing people as we honour all men, love the brotherhood, Fear God and honour the king. Inspired from 1 Peter 2:17

Our Vision

To build a community of progressive and prosperous individuals who will create impact and lead lives that testify to the ideals of the kingdom.

Support the work we do

A big part of our focus is in empowering and strengthening communities and people, especially those currently being underserved in Africa. We understand the power of service and the value of putting a smile on a face. We sincerely want you to join us on this journey of service through your support and donation. Shalom!

Would you like to Volunteer at TEBB Club? Fill our volunteer form & you will be contacted by our team.

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. Become a part of our network and mission, we believe everyone can make a difference if they believe they can.


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