Who we are

TEBB Club is a community that will help you flourish across every aspect of your life. Take your financial, health and spiritual life to a whole new level. By becoming a part of our community you are able collaborate and grow your business, exchange value and knowledge through education and explore the world through affordable travel and tour packages.


Fact: Over 70% of Christian worshippers in Nigeria live below the poverty level, which is the same narrative with Christian populations all over the world. This is unacceptable, unGodly, & needs to be changed.

  • To change the poverty narrative of Christians
  • To re-train or renew our minds, encouraging paradigm shift through biblical principles
  • To create a community that's really one another's keeper
  • To put the kingdom of God above all earthly kingdoms
  • To see the splendor of the world created by God through travel
  • To encourage science and technology seeing it as God's science for our use,
    to the glory of God. Not to vilify technology, ICT, Medical breakthrough and all sciences as
    the wisdom to create anything comes from God
  • To create avenues to wealth without limits, business opportunities, business to
    business collaborations, discounts and perks for all members.

Our Mission

To be the best of me... living my best and Amazing life with with other amazing people as we honour all men, love the brotherhood, Fear God and honour the king. Inspired from 1 Peter 2:17

Our Vision

To build a community of progressive and prosperous individuals who will create impact and lead lives that testify to the ideals of the kingdom.

A Community of Progressives


Business Owners

As a business owner, networking in the right community and showcasing your products & services to people who are ready to buy are crucial for your growth & success.

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Youths & Students

TEBB club gives everyone, especially Students & Young people from age 0 - 35 the added advantage of student loans, scholarships & opportunities to study abroad.

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At TEBB club we understand Entrepreneurs need enabling environments, resources and the right access to information for them to bring their ideas to life.

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  • I am truly happy for the opportunity TEBB club provides in helping me grow my business.
  • Mercy Idahon

  • My educational journey has taken a whole new dimension and I see myself achieving more.
  • Uchenna Mokwu

  • TEBB club has opened me up to a whole new world of possibilities. Now, I know no limitations.
  • Joy Otebi

Our Team

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